A Variance is required if any new construction or addition to a current structure intrudes upon the setbacks. 

35' - Road Frontage 
25' - Rear
15' -  Sides

Chief Schermerhorn is available to answer questions prior to applying for a variance if necessary.
If it is determined that a variance is needed, the Town Commission must approve the variance.

Please turn in the following items to Chief Schermerhorn 15 days prior to the monthly Commission Meeting for consideration. Commission meets the second Tuesday of every month at 5:00 pm at Town Hall. 

If approved, a variance request must be passed with two readings. It is recommended that the Homeowner be present at the first reading to explain the need for a variance. If passed by Commission, the Homeowner does not need not be at the second reading the following month. Chief Schermerhorn will communicate the final passage with the Homeowner.  

Variance Application Process

1. Non - refundable check to the Town of Lookout Mountain for $150.00.

2. Six duplicate copies of
  • Proposed plans with plat showing location on property with distance to property lines. We do not need full blueprints, just a copy of layout. 
  • Letters showing adjoining owners approval of variance grant.
3. Variance should not create undue hardship or damages.
4. Variance should not damage adjoining property owner in regards to aesthetics. 
5. Variance should not create a fire hazard or reduce access to structure or neighboring structures in the event of a fire.


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