The Town of Lookout Mountain Tennessee, in order to provide for the safety and security of residents and accountability for 1st responder access, has partnered with KnoxBox Inc. 

For many years the Town has accepted sets of keys to resident houses to provide the department access to a structure in the event of a fire or medical emergency.  Currently there are in excess of 400 sets of keys stored at the department.  This creates both a problem of timely location of the keys during an emergency and also of accountability for access to the keys.  To provide for both, the department has instituted the use of the KnoxBox system.  This system allows the resident or business to make a one-time purchase of a box to be mounted on the structure, inside the box is located an access key to the structure.  The only key that can open all the Knox boxes will be located on the fire trucks in a locked and secure control unit that requires a unique access code to be entered to remove the key.  The system then logs who accessed the key, when, and where, and when it was returned.  This provides for access to a structure during an emergency as well as full accountability for the 1st responders.

The department will be discontinuing the storage of key sets at the Town Hall as of October 30, 2023.  If you currently have a set of keys located at the Town Hall, please stop by prior to October 30 to retrieve your keys.  Any key sets located at the department after October 30 will be destroyed. 

Please visit the KnoxBox Website  and follow the instructions below. Once you have installed your KnoxBox on the exterior of your home, please fill out the KnoxBox Registration Form and return to Town Hall.

Once we receive your registration form, your information will be added to our 911 computer system, notifying responders of the presence and location of your KnoxBox.  


Obtaining your KnoxBox is simple and the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the state – TN
  3. Begin typing department of Lookout Mountain and it will autofill
  4. Select either Lookout Mountain Police and Fire Dept for Multi-key or key fob or select Lookout Mountain Police and Fire Dept Residential Use Only – HomeBoxes for single key. 
  5. Decide which box and mounting you want for your residence.  If one key only, choose the HomeBox.  If more than one key or key fob, use Knox Residential Box.
  6. You will need to fill in information for purchase.
  7. Price for single key HomeBox is 210.00 or 231.00 depending on mounting.  Price of Knox Residential Box is between 367.00 and 437.00 depending on options that are chosen. 
  8. Once purchasing is completed, the Department will receive an email authorization request from KnoxBox verifying that the residence is in our jurisdiction. 
  9. Once received, install the KnoxBox and place key or keys inside.  Notify the department by completing the KnoxBox Registration Form.

Thank you for helping the department provide for your safety and security during time sensitive emergencies.

A further reminder, please make sure that your street address is easily visible from the road with reflective numbers. 



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