Permit Information and Setbacks



Jobs such as home maintenance (roofing, etc.) will now require a permit. Regular home maintenance will not necessarily require a permit unless inspections are necessary and required. The inspection process protects the home owner.

Please check with Chief Schermerhorn concerning permit issues. (423) 821-1226

Requirements for Permits:

- Address
- Owner
- Work to be performed
- Cost of job
- Contractor ID and License

All permits MUST be paid by check.

Setbacks are as follows:

- Front (or any and all sides facing a roadway or street) is 35 feet.
- Back of the structure is 25 feet from property line.
- Sides of the structure is 15 feet from property line.
- Any shortage of the setbacks must be approved by the Commission with a Variance Hearing.
- Outbuildings are not allowed.
- Fencing must be a minimum of 48 inches from the roadway or street.

All Valet Parking will require a permit. There is no charge for the permit, however, the permit process will include a member of the Valet Service to meet with LMPD to discuss and plan the parking situation.