Safety Bulletin from Chief Schermerhorn

Safety Bulletin from Chief Schermerhorn

***Safety Bulletin from Chief Duane Schermerhorn***


Use of Electric Scooters on the Roadway

The department has received numerous complaints/concerns regarding the operation of electric scooters on the roadway. Some of the problems identified are:

  1. Operating the scooters in the roadway without concern for vehicle traffic.
  2. Not wearing helmets.
  3. Operating several scooters together taking up a full lane of traffic.
  4. Underage operators.

The department has already responded to at least 1 life-threatening injury due to the operation of electric scooters and wants to avoid any further injuries.  While nothing in TCA Code currently regulates the operation of electric scooters, it does leave this open to a municipality to regulate.  While the Town Commission may consider regulating the use of electric scooters, the department would like to suggest the following safety ideas:

  1. Ensure that any electric scooter operator is fully familiarized with the rules of the road involving the operations of vehicles.  This includes proper travel lanes, stop signs, and right of way among many others.
  2. Make sure all operators are wearing safety helmets.
  3. We would currently suggest that electric scooters are not operated on Scenic Hwy and with extreme caution on any busier roads.


Prevention of Auto Burglaries

Within the last 18 months we have seen a significant decrease in auto burglaries.  This however does not mean that tomorrow we won't have several reported.  Please remember to lock your doors and keep valuables out of sight.  With one exception, all auto burglaries over the last several years have involved unlocked vehicles.  Do not leave the keys in the vehicle.  We know that this sounds redundant, but several recent auto thefts have had the keys in the vehicle and in one case the vehicle was left running. 


Report Suspicious Activity

If something doesn't seem right, tell us.  There is a reason that a person gets a feeling of uneasiness.  It's a primal instinct.  If you see something that doesn't seem right, let the department know and we will be happy to check on whatever it is.  We would rather check something and there be nothing wrong than have a delay in reporting something and it be too late to prevent a crime. 



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