Fire and Police

Fire and Police

About the
The Lookout Mountain Police and Fire Department's personnel are cross-trained in law
enforcement and fire fighting capacities. All officers are State Certified Police Officers and
have a minimum of State Basic Firefighter-Level 3. Several of the officers are also
trained as Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics. The EMT/Paramedics
respond to medical calls to evaluate, stabilize, and prepare patients for transport if
needed. Each patrol
car is equipped with emergency medical equipment including a
defibrillator, which can be used for heart patients. All officers are trained in the usage
of the defibrillator, which has proved to be a life saving device. Ambulance transport is
provided by Hamilton County EMS.

Communication and Mutual Aid
The Town of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Police Department communicates using
800 MHz. They are on the same frequency as other law enforcement agencies
in Hamilton County and Chattanooga S.W.A.T. They are also in communication
with the Lookout Mountain, Georgia, Police and Fire Departments and the ambulance
service. The two townships have a mutual aid agreement and will come to the aid of
the other town when possible. The Investigation Division maintains a close working
relationship with other city, state, county and federal agencies. Dispatchers are on
duty 24/7 to receive emergency calls. 

Dial 911 for Emergency.  From a Cell Phone Dial (423) 821-3151.

Fire Alarms

Learn how to prevent false fire alarms. Click here

Radar detection is regularly used to maintain the 25 mph speed limit. The business district is 20 mph and the school zone is 15 mph. 
Persons who receive a citation may attend court on Tuesday evenings in the town hall.



Chief Charles Wells

Jim Bentley

Police Department
(423) 821-3151

Fire Department
(423) 821-4131

Emergency ONLY: 911